A warm welcome! It is an absolute treat to share my passion for photography with you all.


My name is Samreen Shah, I was born in Lahore, spent many years in Abu Dhabi and my present abode is London. My main area of expertise lies in portrait and street photography.


Photography is not just about imagery; it is about encapsulating the moment for individuals to marvel at. My images are a reflection of my thoughts and my inner self. They express the reality I have felt behind the emotions of smiles, frowns and tears.


 My initial exposure to the art form came through courses at the London School of Photography and interaction with seasoned professionals. I was fortunate that my talent was recognised early in my career and I was invited to hold a number of exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


As I continue to travel the world in the pursuit of self-discovery, the camera remains my constant companion. For me, a subject is not just a face, it is a whole life wanting to reach out to me on a subconscious level. Perhaps it is a reflection of my inner search. Smiles beckon me as lovingly as tears do. 

I sincerely hope these images are a source of inspiration and can be considered quite literally as an album of a 'Celebration of Life'. God Bless You All!