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Professional Photographer


A warm welcome to you all! Just a brief introduction, I am a visual artist born in Lahore who spends time between London and sunny Abu Dhabi. My main passions include travelling, writing and photography.
Photography is a discipline which encapsulates emotions. I believe that a seasoned artist is able to skillfully capture feelings through each image. My exposure to photography came about through training from the London School of Photography. The experience of studying under the some of the most seasoned professionals was both rewarding and humbling.

As an individual who thrives on exploring new cultures, I have a particular liking towards street photography. Seeing individuals go about their daily lives and sharing their emotions through my work is perhaps the most inspirational moment for me. Smiles beckon me as lovingly as much as tears do . Through the medium of the camera, I aspire to capture images which have a lasting impact and help to raise awareness of a multitude of socioeconomic issues.
I am indebted to my seniors and mentors such as Tom Ang and Hamni Juni whose work has been a constant source of inspirational guidance.
I thank you all for sharing my journey and making life such a wonderful experience. Ciao!